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This entry is the final one in Colby’s prayer journal. It comes 2 1/2 months before his death – like me, you may be wondering what was going on his life that would cause him to neglect his regular entries. I think it’s pretty much the same for all of us – we get bogged down with life, days become weeks, weeks become months and before we know it we’ve gone too long without communing with God. In his last remaining months Colby continued in his active speaking ministry; he was working hard in his real estate career and beginning to see great success there; and he was planning his engagement to Holli. This online journal continues to be used by God according to the comments we’ve received. It has been a real bittersweet undertaking for us. We have no words to express how proud we are of our son and brother and how much he is missed. We continue to rely on the promise that one day (and it won’t be long) we will all be reunited with each other in heaven. Thank you again for visiting. – Colby’s dad

Father, thank You for a brand new day. I come to You through Jesus today to say thank You for who You are. I pray that You will put a new song in my heart today and allow me to sing it all day long. I praise You today for I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Your image. You are a great God, great in mercy and mighty to save. Thank You for rescuing me from myself and from the weight of my sin. Help me to keep in step with Your Spirit today. Help me to walk in obedience today, Jesus. Give me strength to throw off the things that hinder me. Continue to grant me insight into Your scripture and open my eyes to the wonder of You. Father, help me to know You more today.

Father, I pray that You will return the joy of my salvation. I have been void of joy for so long. I want to sing new songs of praise to You that flow out of a thankful heart. Guide my words as I talk to Holli today, help me to show her what she means to me. I pray that You will help us to work thr0ugh our problems and surrender our relationship to You. Father, lead me to worship You in spirit and truth today. Continue to open my eyes to Your scripture and reveal Your heart to me through it. I want to know You more, Jesus, and I want to be known by You. I praise You for I am made in Your image. Help me stand on Your promise, Father. Help me to walk as You walked, Jesus. Teach me to listen to Your voice, Holy Spirit. All of me for only You.

Father, I thank You for the faith and obedience of Abraham. Thank You for sending Jesus into our world to set us free from sin and death. I want to step out in the freedom I have in Christ. I pray that I could be a man of faith like Abraham. Continue to draw me to Your Word and continue to grant me understanding in it.  I lift up this weekend to You and pray for an amazing time in Your presence. Breathe life and power into me and the Word You give to me. May I speak it with boldness and love.

  • Holli – thank You so much for her. I pray she will continue to seek You with all her heart. Draw us closer to You and grant us a unified desire for our relationship to glorify You alone.
  • Jeff – I pray for rest and time with his family, help him to slow down and enjoy Your blessings.
  • George – help us to sell his home so he can go where You lead him.
  • Freemans – bring the perfect buyer for their home so they don’t have to worry about it.

Lord, I thank You for the real estate opportunities. There are parts that I really enjoy but help me to stay on course with You. Continue to open ministry doors if that is Your plan for me. I trust You to be my Provider. Help me to remain focused on You. All of me for only You!

Father, it has been so long since I have slowed down and taken time to sit with You. My spirit is tired and dry. I am sorry for ignoring You even though I know that You are the One who gives me life. Breathe into me today so I might be alive and share You with those around me. I thank You for finding this house and pushing the contract to where it is. You are so faithful and I am so undeserving. I want to truly trust You and not try to manipulate You or force Your hand. Help me and teach me to walk humbly with You. I lift up George and the Freemans and ask You to bring buyers to their homes. Show me what I can do. Help Collette to decide what she wants to do and help me to remain patient and to walk with her. I pray that You will grant me the chance to share your love with all of them. I lift up this next weekend to You, stir Your Word in my heart and help me to understand worship and convey Your message in simple terms. Empty me and fill me with You, Jesus. Stir in the hearts of the students and create a hunger to learn and hear from You. Help me to set You continually before me today. All of me for only You. Jesus, I miss You.

Father, I pray that You will use my study to draw me closer to You. I feel so far from You and I can’t seem to make it back. I want to hear Your voice again in my life and feel Your hand guiding me. I pray blessings over this family we are doing Christmas for. I pray that they will be able to see and feel the love of Jesus in what we do. I lift up the Freemans and look to You for the person that needs to buy their home. I pray for Collette, give her wisdom as she looks for a home of her own. I pray that you will help me to get in touch with her if it is in Your plan for us to work together. I surrender to you today, Jesus. Raise me up in truth and in Your love. All of me for only You!